Like us, I’m sure you hate being pressured to purchase a particular brand because of a particular company’s alliance with certain brands!

At Pinnacle 4x4 we strive to provide the most unbiased advice, we have achieved this by establishing relationships with all the 4x4 brands that hold great reputations in our industry. This allows us to provide our customers with the 4x4 products that suits their needs specifically regardless of brand.

We know that it is always best to start with the end goal in mind, that’s why we take the time to find out what you need to get out of your 4x4 vehicle, and provide the best options to meet your requirements and budget, which will save you time and money! We firmly believe that the quality of the product is only half of the total equation, Even the best products fitted poorly will result in situations that are most undesirable.

With that in mind we aim to provide the highest standard in fitting for each and every vehicle! We completely understand that your vehicles accessories should integrate with your vehicle seamlessly, be capable of lasting the distance, without letting you down when it matters most. We know the devil is in the details, we simply don’t accept methods of installation that will result in further (costly)repairs down the track that could have been avoided by simply completing the install correctly in the first place.

A couple of examples of the details that sets us apart:

  • Secure fixing methods, The use of tek screws as a fastener simply doesn’t make the grade!
  • Solder joints and insulated rather than scotch locks.
  • Deutsch plugs for water proof and reliable connectors.
  • Utilizing high grade Stainless steel fasteners where possible.
  • Direct fit switches for accessories.

When your vehicle leaves us we know that the only reason you’ll be back is to get the next list of 4WD accessories for your vehicle, because we take great pride and care to ensure that your modifications last the distance.


Our services include:

  • Bar work - Bullbars, brush bars, side steps, rear bars (ALL BRANDS AND TYPES)
  • Winches and recovery points
  • Snorkels
  • 12v and Dual Battery systems
  • Suspension systems
  • Long range fuel tanks
  • Lighting, light bars & spot lights
  • Engine conversions and Upgrades
  • Brake system upgrades
  • Gauges and monitors
  • Electric brake controllers
  • Diff locks
  • and much much more. We tell our customers if you want it we can do it!