At your last service were you confident the workshop understood what you use your 4x4 vehicle for?

Do they understand the rigours of touring or four wheeling, did they ask you? Do they think outside of a basic 4x4 service regime? Knowing your vehicle is fit to get to the destinations of your desire and more importantly home again is paramount to every tourer and four-wheeler! With this knowledge Pinnacle 4x4 carries out all service and maintenance programs, we know that your 4x4 vehicle needs to be in optimal condition to provide maximum reliability and confidence.

So what separates us from the rest of the 4x4 mechanics?

  • We respect and understand what your 4x4 vehicle will be required to do beyond the day to day run about, we think beyond basic service schedules.
  • We offer unbiased advice, always recommending proactive maintenance measures matched with the highest quality workmanship, we guarantee to never recommend un-necessary repairs.
  • With trade qualified 4x4 mechanic staff we can meet the manufacturers requirements and maintain your warranty, so if it’s brand new or old faithful we can ensure your vehicle is ready for your next adventure.

If this is what you’ve been searching for then Pinnacle 4x4 is for you!




When we’re pushing our vehicles it is inevitable that we suffer breakages and component wear, with decades of experience in repairing vehicles we can assist you to get your vehicle back on the road quickly and efficiently.

If you need brakes replaced, a clutch replacement or a full engine rebuild our team has the experience to get your vehicle back on the road ready for more adventures!


Our services include:

  • General and logbook servicing
  • General mechanical repairs (radiator, hoses, drive belts, timing belts, etc)
  • Brake repairs and  brake upgrades
  • Clutch replacement
  • Engine diagnostics, engine repairs and engine rebuilds
  • Gearbox and diff repairs. Diff locker installation
  • Suspension lift kits, suspension repairs and suspension replacement
  • Engine conversions and performance upgrades. 
  • Turbo upgrades and installs



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