The Ultimate IP68 Waterproof Battery Charger. Charges 2 Batteries at once!

Sterling Pro-Sport 5/5

12 / 24 Volt 10 Amp Waterproof Battery Charger


Ideal for sport boats or equipment where the charger will be exposed to water washdown such as a high pressure hose or petrol fumes such as petrol powered boats.

We recommend using waterproof battery chargers where the waterproof aspect is a priority.



  • Will charge either 12 volt or 24 volt
  • 2 Seperate outputs allowing you to charge - 2 x 12v @ 5amp per output or 1 x 12v @ 10amp or 1 x 24v @ 5amp
  • Extruded aluminium housing
  • Fully encapsulated to meet toughest waterproofing standard (IP 68)
  • Adaptive charging ensures max charge in the batteries
  • Both positive and negative fully isolated, this enables the unit to charger 12 or 24V
  • Preset fixed non-selectable battery type for gel, sealed, AGM and open lead acid
  • Dynamic thermal output control
  • LED power and charge indicators
  • Built-in protection distributed-on-demand
  • 4 step charging curve
  • Pre-wired water proof loom for easy installation
  • Pre fused and gold plated terminals
  • 12v & 24v application
  • 240 volt a/c
  • Model Number PS1255
  • 1.5m Input cable
  • 1.5m Fused Output Cables x 2