KT Cables "Commander" 4 Way Smart Touch 80 Amp Switch Panel


KT have designed and developed it’s very own Innovative ‘KT Commander Series Smart-Touch Switch Panel’ which functions using heat-sensitive touch technology, just like your ‘Smart Phone’.

Simply by touching the ‘Smart-Touch Screen, you have the ability to power lighting and other 12V appliances in Caravans, Motorhomes, Vehicles, Heavy Machinery, Boats and more. 

There are a wide range of applications as the KT Commander Series Smart-Touch Switch Panel can be used for ‘ANYTHING’ 12V. A sleek design allows it to be mounted almost flush with a surface, giving it a clean and tidy finish.



  • Basic D.I.Y Wiring & Installation

  • 4 Way Switch Panel, 20 Amps per circuit (80 Amps total)

  • Single LCD Voltage Display

  • Blue ‘On’ and default Amber ‘Off’ Backlit Touch Screen for easy On/Off identification

  • Over 48 icons to suit a wide range of applications

  • 30 Amp relay built into each 20 Amp circuit

  • Suitable for automotive and marine applications

  • 12 Months Warranty on manufacture & build