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Pinnacle 4x4 Frequently Asked Questions

How do TREDS work?

The ability of TRED's to get you out of a sticky situation comes down to the provision of superior traction when the ground under your tyres is simply too unstable to traverse. There’s more than enough traction on top to get your vehicle up and going and enough traction underneath so that TRED’s don’t just pass straight under your tyre

Why are there two sizes of TRED?

The primary reason behind a dual size offering was to cater for all vehicle types and storage capacities – a pair of Large TRED's may be a tight squeeze in a smaller SUV or fully loaded vehicle. Having said that we are seeing many serious off-road enthusiasts carrying both a pair of large TRED's and a pair of small TRED's so that they have options for recovery in any scenario (sometimes a small TRED can fit in a tricky spot more easily that its bigger brother). Both offer enough traction to get you going again regardless of vehicle size.

What is the maximum weight TRED's can withstand?

TRED's have been engineered for use in the recovery of vehicles on soft ground. Although predominantly used by 4x4 adventurers TRED's are being used in the recovery of vehicles and machinery weighing in excess of 3.5 metric tonnes (7,716 pounds) TRED's are warranted to withstand a maximum of 2,000 kgs (4,409 pounds) per axle.

What are TRED's dimensions?


TRED 1100: Length 1080mm (42.52 inches); Width 317mm (12.48 inches); Height 73mm (2.87 inches)

TRED 800: Length 790mm (31.1 inches); Width 268mm (10.55 inches); Height 73mm (2.87 inches)

Length is when measured end to end. Width is measured at widest points. Height includes grip nodules on top of TRED and underside cleats. Both sizes are 105mm (4.13 inches) High when stacked.

TRED Pro: Length 1160mm (45.67 inches); Width 330mm (12.99 inches); Height 65mm (2.56 inches). Nested/stacked height (one set/pair): 85mm(3.35 inches)

Can I use TRED’s as a ramp?

No. TRED's have not been designed to bridge gaps or for loading of vehicles/ATV’s. Always put your safety first and only use purpose built loading/bridging ramps.

Where do air bags go?

Airbags suit a wide range of vehicles with all sorts of suspension whether it be in between the leaf/axle & chassis, inside a coil spring and even a full coil replacement

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